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Meet other local people interested in Live Action Role Playing, the theater-style live role-playing with simulated combat and intricate plots.

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Meet other local D&D players, indie-RPGers, wargamers, and boardgamers for adventures and fun! Experienced & Newbies welcome. A great way to meet like-minded gamers (and curious), to organize games, and get feedback.

Toronto Area Gamers

This is a real world social networking group designed to help gamers of all types meet one another and create a city wide Gen Con friend culture 365 days a year. We will try to link all the open games around the city so that you can check our calenda


Hello, and welcome to your local LARP Calendar! The Organizers listed on this Meetup group are also LARP Organizers, and can be contacted directly to find more information about their events or games. They often post their events directly to the Cale

Live Action Role Players

Meet other local roleplayers. Any game is great, be it Pathfinder, D&D, Savage Worlds, Star Wars, Fate, GURPS, etc. -- all are welcome


The goal of the Ottawa and Gatineau Gamers Group is to provide a place where the region’s RPG enthusiasts can come together to share our passion for gaming, find a place to play, and meet new friends. We have members into everything from playing with


Welcome to NAGA - the Nashville Area Gamer Association. Our goal is to unite the gamers of Nashville with their fellow hobbyists regardless of which style of gaming they are interested in. Whether it's war gaming, card gaming, board gaming, table top


Boardgames, cardgames, and roleplaying games - We play every game that isn't nailed down - and we probably will play those as well! First, we have our RPG meetups where we play just about every RPG that is known (including Serenity, Call of Cthulhu,


If you're dedicated to making the Providence Meetup a success or are a store owner with gaming space to host regular meetups, please contact me through the meetup site. Thanks! Are you into D&D, D20 Modern, Magic: The Gathering, White Wolf games, Her


New at Roleplaying, and want to learn?? We can do that ! Are you an experienced roleplayer looking for a group to hook-up with and have a great time? Sweet !! Looking for a good battle we can do that too. The groups main goal: to bring new playe

Players and GMs

This is a group for organizing games and meetups for players of all kinds of games, from tabletop and board games to computer gaming and console. This site is intended to be a hub for gamers to find friends and gaming groups, as well as providing a m


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May 25, 2015

This is a group of fun and helpful people who play Amtgard, a medieval combat LARP based in the 15th century with wizards, warriors, barbarians and monsters to name a few. We encourage you to come by, have fun, learn skills, and make friends that wil

May 21, 2015

Medieval Craft is an interest group in all things Medieval and Fantasy inspired. Currently we are looking at the crafting of Medieval gear as well as our current mainstay of BattleLine. BattleLine is a contact sports game where players battle it out

Line Combatants
May 19, 2015

A group for people interested in experiencing non-traditional role playing experience, with a focus on American Freeform-style Larps (and all related Larp types and indie RPGs (defined very loosely) in Brooklyn. No costumes or experience required! Fo

Game Enthusiasts
May 15, 2015

"You've read Tolkien's Lord of The Rings, we live it!" Sage Hill is Smyrna's Chapter of Dagorhir Battle Games Association. Dagorhir is a fast paced, full contact combat game that uses foam padded representations of medieval weapons to fight massive b

Battle Lords
May 13, 2015

Traitor's Gate is the San Antonio park of the Celestial Kingdom of Amtgard. We meet weekly at 2pm on Sundays at Olmo's Basin Park for battles and fighting practice. Some weeks, we meet early at noon for crafting classes. Amtgard is a non-profit, non-

May 4, 2015

A new freeform campaign for 2015! The pursuit of honour and glory will allow your knights and damsels to establish a mighty realm, create legends that will last through the ages, and then finally destroy everything as conflicting loyalties force trag

May 3, 2015

We are a group of gamers looking for two or three people to round out a weekly Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition game. No experience is required.

April 26, 2015

Dagorhir is a nationally played, fast paced, full contact, medieval combat sport. Participants wield padded weapons and shields and fight one another in single combat and group scenarios like capture the flag and bomb the base. Bifrost is the Fargo c

April 22, 2015

Meet with Amtgard players in the Hagerstown area! Learn to fight with foam weapons, sew costumes, make jewelry, and gain friendships!

April 6, 2015

Chicago: Dark Requiem is an OWBN (One World By Night) affiliated LARP (Live Action Role Playing game) that uses Mind's Eye Theater Laws of the Night Revised Edition to create an interactive story telling environment.  Set in modern nights, players po

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